Want to sell to us? It's easy!

Want to sell to us? It's easy!

Write down the troy weight of the lot of wearable sterling you are sending and multiply it by the current spot price on one of your company’s standard
invoices. There is no need to call or email to lock spot- we trust you.

Mail the wearable sterling silver jewelry and invoice to:
United Exports NA LLC
4447 N. Central Expy
STE 110 PBM 296
Dallas, TX 75205

A check will be made out to the name on the invoice and mailed to address on the invoice unless otherwise specified.
We reserve the right to return any lot of jewelry received.

**We return all non-silver and damaged items received in each lot. Damaged items are defined as broken jewelry, single earrings, engraved/ monogram jewelry and herringbone chain. We will purchase these items at 80% of spot, please indicate on your invoice if you prefer to sell us damaged items or have them returned.

Additional note on chains: Herringbone-we don’t want them! They are treated as damaged/ scrap items. For plain chains, we pay 90 - 100% of spot.
Designer chains are handled as premium wearable.